University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

General:  For many, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the nation’s first public university, is the golden ring.  The school has about 18,000 undergraduates from all 50 states and over 100 countries.  18% are first generation college students.

Location:  The school is in an area with other colleges and over 200 companies.  To walk from one end of campus to the other takes about 25 minutes. Across from the university is Franklin Street, home to many local restaurants.  There are plenty of free buses.
Academics:  The school has 70+ majors and 75+ minors.  Sixty percent of the students participate in undergraduate research.  36% study abroad in over 70 countries or elsewhere in the United States.  Students complete their gen ed requirements during their first two years.  Many classes consist of two lectures and a recitation section, with the recitation section capped at 20 students.  Foreign language classes are also limited to 20 students and freshman seminars are capped at 24 students.  


 Extracurricular activities:  UNC Chapel Hill has 875 student organizations, and students can create new clubs.  There is Greek life, NCAA Division I sports, and over 50 club sports.  Students can attend the basketball games for free.

Student Club Fair for Spring Term
Financial aid:  UNC Chapel Hill is need-blind.  Eligible low-income students who earn admission have the opportunity to graduate from Carolina debt-free.

Applying:  Early Action applications are due by 10/15.  The freshman class is made up of 82% North Carolina students and 18% out-of-state students.  Two thirds of applicants are from out-of-state.  The school superscores the SAT (old or new) and superscores the ACT.