Arcadia University

In mid-November, I visited Arcadia University, a school with a global focus.  Three unusual things about Arcadia are that students can study abroad starting in their first semester, there are some Bachelor’s degrees that are designed to be completed in three years, and the school has a castle. 
Arcadia has about 2500 undergraduate students and about 65% graduate within 6 years.  Business/marketing, biology, psychology, interdisciplinary studies, social sciences, and visual and performance arts are the most popular majors. The school has a physical therapy program.
Travel abroad is very popular.  In addition to studying abroad for a semester, students can go abroad for 7 – 10 days during spring break for just $600 (including room, board, airfare, and touring), after taking a course related to the trip.
My tour guide, a junior majoring in Math from Connecticut, was also a resident assistant and participated in the dance club.  As we walked around campus, I saw that a number of the buildings were connected.  Freshman may be excited to hear that the castle has some freshman housing on the third floor.  The flags on campus reflect countries where students are studying abroad or where international students are from.
Extracurricular activities that I saw advertised during the week I visited included NCAA Division III sports, a comedian, a hypnotist, a student dance club recital, movies, and midnight Bingo.  
There is a bus stop by the school that goes to a local mall.  Students can walk to a train station in ten minutes and catch a train that takes them to Philadelphia in under thirty minutes.
What is your experience with Arcadia University?