Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA)

Campus Map

Last Wednesday, I toured Moravian College with a Sophomore majoring in Environmental Policy and Economics, who attended a small Catholic High School in Philadelphia.  In addition to being a Tour Guide, she was the Treasurer of the Sustainability Club and she liked going to the free weekly movies with her roommate.

Here are some things she said that made Moravian special:

  • Friendly students
  • Small classes
  • Strength in the Sciences and in Education
  • Free tutoring by students
  • A May term that students can use for study abroad
  • A 10-week summer research program, called SOAR, that pays students $3000, provides free housing on-campus, and a travel allowance.
  • Living and Learning suite style housing is available for Freshmen taking the same freshman seminar
  • Starting in the Fall 2014, each student will be provided with a MacBook Pro laptop and an iPad.
  • A one-week pre-freshman orientation.  Students can come to campus a week early, live on campus while working together on a volunteer activity in the community.  My tour guide volunteered at a local YMCA for the week.
  • Students can develop their own major.

 I toured the Main Street campus, also known as the North Campus.  This is the larger of the two campuses.  Both campuses have classes, house students, and have all-you-can-eat dining, as well as grab-and-go dining.  The two campuses are about a half-mile apart and there is a free shuttle bus that runs between them.  The academic focus of the South campus is Music and the Arts.  Music students give music recitals throughout the year, which are open to the student body.

The North Campus is a compact campus with a mix of old and new buildings.  They have dorms that are coed by floor, all female dorms and all male dorms.  Popular spectator sports are Softball, Baseball, Soccer and Women’s basketball.  “Impact” arranges for activities like movies, trips, and bingo. About 20% of the school is involved in Greek life.
Greek Life
Beautiful old  buildings
Mixed with newer buildings
Impact Bulletin Board with Upcoming Activities