St. John’s University – Staten Island Campus

St. John’s University is a Catholic University with its main campus in Queens, NY. They have a small, satellite campus on 16.5 acres in Staten Island, NY. The Staten Island campus is primarily made up of commuters, with 20% of students living on campus. Students wanting a small school with a small class experience might consider this campus. The average class size is only 15. Students often intern in Staten Island or Manhattan. The school provides students with a free laptop.

A unique program that the Staten Island campus offers is a three-year Bachelor’s degree including fourteen majors to choose from and a study abroad experience. Students in this program attend class for six fall/spring semesters and two summers.

Be aware that some St. John’s undergraduate majors are unavailable on Staten Island and that students, playing on one of the St. John’s Division I sports teams, should be on the Queens campus.

Greek life and community service are popular in Staten Island. There are over 40 clubs with club meetings typically take place during club hours, on Mondays and Thursdays between 1:50 and 3 PM. Students often go to New York City on the weekend; the school provides a shuttle to the Staten Island Ferry, which takes students into lower Manhattan. There are intramural teams on Staten Island and the fitness center is open seven days a week. St. John’s also provides a shuttle bus between their Queens and Staten Island campuses.

Staten Island students join the Queens students for study abroad and often study at the St. John’s campuses in Rome and Paris. Close to half the students will study abroad for at least two weeks.

Campus housing is adjacent to campus and consists of 83 apartments. Each apartment is a furnished, garden apartment with one or two bedrooms, a kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and stove, a bathroom and a dining/living room area. Three students share these apartments. A meal plan, wireless internet, and cable connection are provided. No alcohol is allowed in the apartments, even if the students are over 21. Students can have a car on campus in the freshman year. Daily mass is available.

If you attended the Staten Island campus of St. John’s University, what was your experience like?