Colleges with Fall 2023 Openings

Hofstra University

It’s May 4. National College Decision Day, the deadline for students to select the college they would start attending in Fall 2023, was three days ago. If you are a high school senior who never applied, didn’t get accepted by any four-year college, or who doesn’t like any of the colleges you were accepted to, don’t despair.

Wagner College

Students still looking for an undergraduate college for Fall 2023 have many choices. Currently the National Association for College Admission Counseling website ( lists 295 colleges with openings, and the list is updated daily. You can search the site by state (or country) or several other criteria, including housing and financial aid.

Manhattanville College

For example, when I searched for colleges with freshmen openings, housing and financial aid in New York, I found these sixteen 4-year colleges (listed alphabetically): Adelphi University, Alfred University, Hartwick College, Hofstra University, Ithaca College, Long Island University – LIU Post Campus, Manhattanville College, Nazareth College, Niagara University, Pace University, St, John Fisher University, SUNY College at Fredonia, SUNY College at Oswego, Utica University, Wagner College, and Wells College.

Adelphi University

Adelphi or Hofstra University?

Which one of these private Long Island colleges is for you: Adelphi University or Hofstra University? 
Adelphi University

Adelphi Science Building


Hofstra University
Bridge over highway connects 2 sides of campus

Hofstra University



  • Have ready access to New York City
  • Are among the less expensive private colleges
  • Have Honors programs 
  • Have Learning Differences programs
  • Are arboretums.

Some important differences are:
  • Size: Adelphi is much smaller than Hofstra in both the number of students and the campus size
  • Commuters: Adelphi has a larger per cent of commuters
  • Surrounding neighborhood: Adelphi is in a safer neighborhood 
  • Per cent accepted: Larger per cent of students is accepted at Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Per cent graduate: Larger per cent of students graduate from Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Sports: Adelphi is NCAA Division II and Hofstra is Division I
  • Strong majors: Adelphi is known for nursing, elementary ed, accounting, performing arts, psychology, and phys ed.  Hofstra is known for accounting, biology, creative writing, international business, music, audio/video/film, drama and dance.

Which of these two Long Island universities do you like best and why?