Adelphi or Hofstra University?

Which one of these private Long Island colleges is for you: Adelphi University or Hofstra University? 
Adelphi University

Adelphi Science Building


Hofstra University
Bridge over highway connects 2 sides of campus

Hofstra University



  • Have ready access to New York City
  • Are among the less expensive private colleges
  • Have Honors programs 
  • Have Learning Differences programs
  • Are arboretums.

Some important differences are:
  • Size: Adelphi is much smaller than Hofstra in both the number of students and the campus size
  • Commuters: Adelphi has a larger per cent of commuters
  • Surrounding neighborhood: Adelphi is in a safer neighborhood 
  • Per cent accepted: Larger per cent of students is accepted at Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Per cent graduate: Larger per cent of students graduate from Adelphi than Hofstra
  • Sports: Adelphi is NCAA Division II and Hofstra is Division I
  • Strong majors: Adelphi is known for nursing, elementary ed, accounting, performing arts, psychology, and phys ed.  Hofstra is known for accounting, biology, creative writing, international business, music, audio/video/film, drama and dance.

Which of these two Long Island universities do you like best and why?