Questions for Jewish students

If you are a Jewish student, you may be interested in the following information about the colleges you are considering:

1. Is there a Hillel? What kind of activities does it sponsor? How many students typically attend?

2. Does the school participate with other colleges in regional Jewish programming?

3. How many Jewish Studies classes are offered? Is Hebrew offered?

4. Are there travel abroad opportunities to Israel? Does the school sponsor a Birthright Israel trip?

5. What Jewish social, social action and arts activities are there?

6. Are there celebrations for Jewish holidays? Is there a Passover Seder?

7. What Shabbat and holiday services are there?

8. Is there a kosher meal plan? Is Kosher for Passover food available?

9. Are there Jewish opportunities in the surrounding community (e.g., work in synagogue, invitations to holiday dinners, attendance at services).

10. Are there Jewish alternate spring break opportunities?

To find the answers to these questions and more:

1. Review Hillel’s Guide to Jewish Life on Campus on for the colleges you are interested in

2. Check out college bulletin boards and see what Hillel activities are posted.

3. Check out the Hillel calendar of events

4. Visit the Hillel building or office.  Talk with the Hillel staff and students who frequent Hillel.

5. Try out the kosher food on campus.

6. Attend a Hillel activity.

7. If you stay on a Friday night, try out the Shabbat service and dinner.