Why hire a college consultant

For many families, college is the largest expenditure they will make, with the exception of a home purchase.
They hire a college consultant to:
1.      Help their student select colleges that fit academically and socially, where they will be happy and successful, and that they can afford.
2.      Maximize financial aid through college selection strategies.
3.      Help their student identify and effectively highlight their strengths in college applications, essays, and interviews to increase their chance of acceptance.
4.      Reduce stress by breaking down the process into manageable meetings and assignments.
5.      Help their student meet their application deadlines.
6.      Enable them to enjoy time as a family, instead of arguing about completing applications.
If a family decides to hire a college admissions consultant, they should look for one who:
1.      Is a good match for the student’s personality.
2.      Is well-trained and experienced.
3.      Visits colleges regularly.
4.      Keeps abreast of changing trends in college admissions.
5.      Is connected to a network of professional college consultants.
6.      Maintains high ethical and professional standards.
If you are considering hiring a college admissions consultant, I would be very happy to talk with you about my services and qualifications.