“Rana was super helpful- and effective- in helping out with the college process.  By asking intelligent questions, she helped guide our sons, without making decisions for them, and without letting them get away with taking an easy way out.  She helped with realistic perspectives and guidance based on years of experience.  Going into this process, we weren’t entirely sure that we wanted to use an outside expert, but would 100% do it again, and recommend to others.  It greatly reduced stress in our house (!), created realistic deadlines, high and appropriate expectations, and helped get our kids to good places. ” —D.S., Dad of twins

“Rana was referred to me by a good friend for College Selection and Application process for my son. Since our very first interaction with Rana, it was clear to my son as well as us as parents that she was very experienced and gone through this process successfully with a number of students. As this was our first college-bound-child experience, this guiding hand was very important. Rana’s methodical and inclusive way of working helped us as parents and especially our son to think through his college expectations and match it with his performance and right level of stretch to come up with a solid list of colleges to apply. Subsequently Rana worked with my son to create a comprehensive application package, guiding, reviewing, challenging him along the way. Thanks to this help my son now has a good choice of colleges where he has been accepted and provided scholarships. We look forward to him making the right choice and being successful in life. Thanks Rana for all your valuable guidance!!”  —V.K., Dad

“Thank you, Rana, for helping us through the college application adventure with x! We are so grateful for your expertise, advice, and support. X is very excited to be starting at y in the fall, it seems like it will be the perfect fit!” —Parents of E.M.

“We cannot emphasize enough what an extremely good decision it was to hire Rana as our college planner to help our son during this process. There is an excessive amount of information out there about college as well as the entire search and application process. We felt very overwhelmed and almost didn’t know where to start. Rana’s knowledge and expertise helped us tremendously to make sense of everything and put us on the right track. She worked many hours with our son to create his profile and then find the appropriate schools that would be a good match. It was very good for him to have that kind of personal attention from Rana. She also spent a lot of time very clearly explaining all aspects of the college planning and selection process to us as parents and gave us extremely valuable advice and direction. Rana sorted through all of the clutter and saved us a great deal of time. At the conclusion of her research and work, she produced a wonderful list of schools which were very well matched for my son. Rana was great to work with and her attention to detail and follow-up were excellent. I would truly recommend Rana to anyone looking for help to do their college search in an efficient, logical, highly productive and well organized way.” —G.C., Mom

“We hired Rana to help us navigate the college admission process – especially since we have twin boys and thus – double the work. Rana helped to coordinate the steps and manage all the deadlines that we needed to meet. Her knowledge of the process – as well as many of the institutions – is impressive. Furthermore, Rana was able to get our boys to meet their obligations in a timely manner – something that would have been much more difficult if the prodding were coming from a parent. One of our sons is accepted and on his way to his first choice … and the other is waiting on a few more decisions before making his final choice. Thank you, Rana” —J.H., Dad

“Rana helped out with my son’s application to schools in the United States. My son went to high school in India and we did not have access to all the necessary information (translation of grades, information re the high school etc). Rana is detailed and she helped through the process. My son has been accepted and will attend a great school. Thank you Rana” —R.V., Dad

“Rana was just the right touch my daughter needed when applying for a summer college program which required numerous essays. Her patience and diplomatic communication skills worked very well for us. She helped my daughter to reach one of her goals–5 stars!” —D. G., Mom